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Comfort at your Feet

From the Evolution of Mankind, humanity has tried to make life comfortable by constant innovation and technological upgrade. All these effort have eventually made our life comfortable. It is said that keep your head high but place your feet on the ground. We at Rione believe that it is true that head should be held high for bigger dreams. But, your feet should be equally treated. So, at Rione, we say

Keep your Head High in the Sky, Give your Feet the Comfort and warmth of Rione.

History & Overview:
“Information is useful only if it leads to an improved life.”

The promoters of Rione socks have more than a decade of experience of the manufacturing of Socks and clothing. Their knowledge and skills in the field of fabric allow us to meet & beat any type of challenge. Today, the decades of experience acts as the base of Rione socks that holds the organization and takes it to new heights.

Vision & Mission:
“Vision is not visualizing things as they are nor
visualizing them differently. Vision is seeing things Invisible”

At Rione socks, our team of dedicated people constantly observes changing human needs, their style and fashion. So, we keep our wholesalers, business partners & customers ahead in this competitive world by offering a style statement before it enter the market.

Manufacturing Strength
“Technology should not be overwhelming, it must make life comfortable”

Being a producer, we understand the need of technology and improved machineries. Rione socks are equipped with the latest computerized socks producing machines. State-of-the-art machines are installed at our facility for producing finest quality products for our customers.
The production facilities at Rione, allow us include 9 + 3 colors in a single sock. This put us amongst a few players capable of producing finest designs in the industry.

Production Capacity

Men: 150000 pair per month
Women: 15000 pair per month
Kids : 150000 pair per month

Customer Support
Old Saying: A Big Fish can eat Small Fish
Rione Believes, “A Fast Fish can eat Any Big Fish”

We understand the importance of prompt and quick response are the main factors for growth. Hence, our dedicated team of people ensures that our customers are constantly informed. Moreover, our integrated management model allows us to provide costing of custom designed socks within 24 hours. This attitude of customer service has made Rione socks one of the preferred buyers for customers across the country and across the globe.

Global Presence
“World is boundary less for those who has the ability to deliver.”

Rione is rapidly becoming a global company and customers oversees consider us as one of the trusted producers. Today, our products are exported to more than 30 countries including Middle-East, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Australia and Africa apart from our neighboring countries.

Our policy for wholesalers and Importers allow us to work for mutual interest and clean policy allows us to strengthen our business relations with our clients and customers.

Quality Assurance:
“Quality means Satisfaction”

Rione is committed to offer finest quality products as conformed by the customer. Our double check manual and automated quality check ensure that each article produced by us satisfies our customer. Our well-planned quality check point system guarantees high-quality standards and all our products are destined to provide value for money to our reputed customers.

Why Us?

There are many reasons why Rione is becoming the first choice of many customers in India and across the globe. Following are some of the reasons for you to choose us:

  • Experienced Management
  • Latest Technology
  • Finest Products
  • Best Rates & Excellent Service
  • Custom Designed products available
  • Clear & well-defined policy for Business Associates